Hearing Loss Problem? Try this.

Costco is offering a top of the line hearing loss solution for – not $7500 – only $1800.

And this unique hearing aid can be adjusted using your iPhone or iPad! What’s more, this hearing aid can receive phone calls, music, podcasts and other audio directly from Apple iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch devices without requiring an intermediate streaming device.

Jim Hamm submitted this article by a more-than-pleased user of the Kirkland Signature 6.0 hearing aid. And John Carter did a little research on it and found this article by another pleased user. There are literally dozens of more-than-pleased reviews about that particular hearing aid, and you can get these reviews just be searching with this phrase: “kirkland signature hearing aids reviews.” Or this: “Kirkland Signature 6.0 hearing aids.”



Smoke and Mirrors at Amazon.com?

Jim Hamm likes to keep his eyes on the Internet for anything new and interesting. He has found something new about Amazon.

If you shop on Amazon, Jim found an article that you may find interesting — especially if you’re a Prime subscriber. Also mentioned in the article is another website he hadn’t heard of: jet.com. Jim plans to check out the news about Amazon here just to see what it’s all about. How about you?

Google OnHub: The Ultimate WiFi Router?

Jim Hamm sends us this tidbit about a new product: OnHub.

For your possible interest, here is an informative article about OnHub — the new router from Google. It will be interesting to read the blogs about OnHub once it’s available for consumers. The features seem impressive. See the detail here.

Costco Online Photo Center is OFFLINE

Update as of August 17, 2015

Costco has this notice on their online photo center:

“We appreciate and thank you for your ongoing patience – we understand the impact this is having on each of you! Through today, we’ve made significant progress toward re-enabling the Photo Center site; however, there’s additional work to be done before it’s ready to go live. We know the previous anticipated dates have come and gone, but we’re doing everything we can to bring a safe & secure site back on line as soon as possible. With that said, we are now anticipating that the site will be back online within the next 1-2 weeks. Thank you again for your loyalty and ongoing patience.

“The current coupon book, mailed or found in the Costco.com app, offers $10 Off Canvas Prints, valid 8/6 to 8/30/15. While we are unable to take your order online, we can fulfill your order at the Photo Center kiosk in most warehouses.* For assistance, please check with the Photo Center staff.”

See http://www.costcophotocenter.com for a coupon. Hurry! This offer won’t last.

Your PMUG website has been updated!

With a lot of help from friends, the Menu Bar of the PMUG website has been updated.

PMUG Menu Bar

PMUG Menu Bar

You can now access the PMUG meeting minutes directly from the Menu Bar instead of looking around for the link that is (still) buried in the Home page.

The other big change is that the Newsletter is no longer hosted by Blogspot. When clicking on the Newsletter item in the Menu, instead of being switched to a different website, the content of the Newsletter is shown in the current window/tab.

By the way, the Newsletter isn’t really a Newsletter. Technically, it is a Blog. And we have a new Newsletter Editor. Her name is Sharon Walsh (backed up by John Carter). You can still submit your comments, news, photos, and favorite recipes by e-mail to “editor (at) pmug (dot) us”. Sharon may possibly change the content (she is the editor after all), and then post it for you. Unlike other blogs, there is no way to directly post comments.

The presentation of the Newsletter hasn’t changed (much). Instead of seeing all the tags on the right side, a list of past blogs by month is shown. If you want to find an article, simply enter a keyword in the Search bar to the right of the Menu bar (found on every page).

In fact, the Search bar in the Menu of the PMUG website is an excellent way to find anything in the PMUG website. Give it a try.

With Our Heartfelt Regards

        We’ve just found out that David Passell‘s wife, Betty, has passed away.  David has served PMUG in a variety of positions and is currently treasurer.  Give him an encouraging smile or pat on the back when you see him.  

Senior SIG in Phoenix Features Jim Hamm

        Got Mac friends in the valley?  Heading there yourself?  Jim and Zee Hamm are speaking to the Senior SIG in Phoenix.  
        “Here is a link to a presentation Zee and I will be doing next Wednesday, January 8, at 10 am, at the Arizona Mac User Group Senior SIG meeting in Phoenix. Anyone is welcome to attend, it’s free, and no reservation required. 

        “We’ll be doing a slideshow of our RV trip to Africa. My verbal discussion of the trip might not be all that great, but the pictures are nice (courtesy of Zee), and you’ll see some interesting photos of wild animals. Quite a trip, we enjoyed it, and glad we were able to take the trip in a 22-foot Class C motorhome.”