iPad Tips

If you have an iPad, here is a website you’ll want to take a look at. The article starts off by talking about the Home Button, then evolves into 29 things one can do with the iPad, and finally has a section on iPad training. By the time you work your way through all this, you’ll be an iPad iPro.

Jim Hamm

Popular Mechanics Articles

Elaine Hardt refers to the November issue of Popular Mechanics, (with cover that shows space drones).  An article on page 92 asks the question, What did I just agree to?  Each person needs to find out how it might apply to them. Also in this issue are short pieces: How to protect yourself from hackers, How much cloud do you need in your life, Is it safe? Why I hate the cloud, Why I love the cloud, What the heck is the cloud? Where does it all go? You already use the cloud, here’s how.

Elaine Hardt

Apple’s Siri

If you’ve upgraded to macOS Sierra, then you know you now can have Siri do your bidding on your Mac. You can activate Siri by clicking the icon in the menu bar or the icon in the Dock, or by holding the Command key and space bar together. But you can’t activate Siri by voice unless you do a bit of work first. Here is an article that explains how to set up Siri voice activation on a Mac. Is it really worth the effort when it’s easy to activate Siri by just tapping on an icon? Well, that’s for you to decide after reading the article.

If you’ve upgraded to iOS 10, then Siri is ready to do your bidding on your iPhone and iPad as well. Again, a little voice activation setup is required. Just go to Settings, scroll down to Siri and turn her on. The iPhone or iPad will tell you what to do next. Starting with the iPhone 6s and above you can voice activate Siri without being plugged into power. With the iPhone 6, though, which I have, it has to be plugged into power before Siri will respond to a voice. This is no big deal as Siri quickly responds just by holding the Home Button a bit.

Although I haven’t used Siri extensively, she can be quite handy. Here is an article with 67 handy Siri tips you might try. For example, if you’re flying somewhere and want to know the status of your flight, just ask Siri. I like that. Look at tip #16. All these tips should keep you busy for awhile with Siri.

Jim Hamm

When traveling, my iPad is essential and my Mac is the add-on | Macworld

Here is an article by Jason Snell (former editor of MacWorld magazine) wherein he explains how the iPad has almost — but not quite — replaced his Mac when he travels. I can identify with this article.

I have both a Mac laptop and iPad, and find I tend to take my iPad with me when I travel. For several reasons: it’s lighter; it has cellular capability (which I find very useful); and with a Zagg Bluetooth keyboard it makes typing so much easier (for me, anyway). Having said all this, though, overall I still prefer the greater capabilities of using my MacBook Pro at home.

Jim Hamm

IOS 10

If you’ve upgraded to iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad, here’s a tip on how to open the Camera App quickly when you’re on the lock screen: just swipe from the right edge of the screen to the left. Voila! The moment the screen first comes on you can quickly access the camera.

Jim Hamm

iOS 10 reviewed: There’s no reason not to update | Ars Technica

If you’ve updated to iOS 10, or plan to, the following article is quite comprehensive about all the changes incorporated therein. Although complete, it is lengthy and you might feel as though you’ve started a course of learning that will take a semester to read and comprehend.

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iPhone 7 Plus

As I’ve said previously, I’m not a camera buff, but I can appreciate a good photo. Sports Illustrated took the new iPhone 7 Plus and took pictures at a football game. Take a look at the clarity of the photos here. Amazingly sharp, huh?

Jim Hamm